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Transam Advert - October 1980

From 'Personal Computer World'


"Tuscan from Transam - Take a step up to your next computer!"

Another entry in the "who?" category is this advert for the "Tuscan", from little-known British computer company Transam. It was yet another Z-80-based system with an S-100 bus, built into something like an over-sized Commodore PET case, and was also available as a kit - perhaps interestingly so, given that it's now 1980, some three years after the 1977 Trinity changed personal computing and introduced the concept of the ready-made complete computer. It retailed from £195 (about £890 in 2011 terms), which was less than half the price of the cheapest 1981 PET, but then it could be argued that the whole Z-80/S-100 package, which had been around since at least 1976, was drifting into obsolescence (mind you, so was the competition, like 1976's 6502) - the IBM PC would be on the market within a year, an event that would ultimately change the face of the PC and shake out all these more interesting also-rans. See this article for more on the Tuscan.

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