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DAI Advert - February 1982

From 'Personal Computer World'


"The DAI personal computer is here - High performance - high value"

According to Wikipedia, this is quite a rare beast that hails from Belgian company Data Applications International - it was initially designed for the UK subsidiary of Texas Instruments. Apparently, TI knew that producing a version of their own computer to run on the PAL/SECAM version of TV used in Europe would be a hassle, so DAI was contracted to produce a machine for them. By the time it was working though, TI had changed their mind and instead sold their own TI 99/4 bundled with a US monitor, "solving" the video output problem. This left DAI to sell the machine into the UK, but at least they hadn't had to fund its development. [1]. The advert shows that it had 24K ROM basic (quite a large amount in the day) and a 256x335 graphics display, plus 3 parallel ports. In 1980, the 12Kb model retailed for £595 plus VAT (about £3,100 in 2011) and the 48Kb model was a whopping £795 plus VAT (£4,200 in 2011)

1: Personal Computer World, October 1980

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