May Miscellany: Clays at Calais, Plymouth and A Night in the Swan - May 1993

The I.T. Department of Clays The Book Printers, i.e Nosher, Jo, Nick and 'Tone' head over for a day-trip to Calais, to stock up on the requisite cheapo beer and wine. Then, Nosher heads down to Plymouth to visit Kate at her flat in Mutton Cove. Riki Stewart and Dave 'Trotsky' Mallett are in town too, so we head out to Burrator for a walk in the woods. Dave and Rik then head down to Nosher's in Suffolk, and we visit Orford. Finally, there's a night at the Brome Swan pub.

The town hall at Calais
The Clays I.T. gang look out to sea
Tone, Nick, Jo's boyfriend and Jo on the ferry to Calais
A spot of lightning
More lightning
Lightning strikes from dark skies
Dave and his 'Alcatraz' tee-shirt
Kate and Rik
Kate, Dave and Rik
Dave, Rik and Kate lounge around on the rocks
Rik, Dave and Kate in Kate's Mutton Cove flat
Kate, Dave and Rik at the river
Nana, John Willy and Sylvie at the Swan
Alan and Spammy
Rainey holds up a swan-shaped flowerpot
Gloria and Benny
Roger and Pippa
Dave and Rik at the beach at Southwold
A view of Orford from the top of the castle
Dave and Rik at the top of Orford Castle